CAD for Woodworkers

Learn how to quickly design and render your projects using Computer Aided Design. The following classes are offered by our school.

Sketchup 8 for Beginners

Sketchup 8 is a powerful, free tool used by woodworkers. Learn how to use Sketchup to model a bedside table with tapered legs, mortise and tenon joinery, beveled top, dovetailed drawer trimmed with bullnose cock beading, and a shaker style drawer pull. The power of Sketchup is in its ability to model an object in 3D exactly how it is constructed. You can rotate and view it from any angle, create sections, photo-realistically render it with textures, and create conventional dimensioned 2D shop drawings. Finally, we will learn how to extend the functionality of Sketchup through the use and customization of scripts. Participants must bring their own laptop (PC or Mac) to class with Sketchup pre-installed in order to practice the exercises. Help provided in class with installation issues.1 hour lecture plus 1 hour lab per night. 5 evenings, 6:30 - 9:30 pm.

Intro to AutoCAD

A course for the first time AutoCAD user. Learn to create shop drawings for use in the architectural woodworking and furnituremaking industires. Classes and exercises will concentrate on techniques for developing shop drawings and designs in cabinetmaking. Students will learn in a "workshop" type class format, observing and following along with instructor-led exercises. Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to navigate the AutoCAD interface, draft and dimension 2D cabinet geometries using the supplied drawing template, and output the completed drawings to a printer. Students must bring their own laptop to class. 1 hour lecture plus 1 hour lab.